Contributed Software

ABET Course Portfolio Excel Sheet (V1.6)

    This Excel sheet is a simple and neat way to organize a course portfolio for the purposes of ABET accreditation. It allows the user to collect (in one file) the course syllabus, course learning outcomes (CLO), link them to ABET student outcomes (SO), summarize the CAS results (course assessment by students), CAF results (course assessment by faculty), student grades, and samples of course material. Copying the file between successive semesters is very simple, and minimizes the amount of edits needed. A full example is contained within this Excel sheet.

  • • Calculations are performed automatically via the built-in equations and macros.
  • • The sheets are protected against accidental change, but you can unprotect them if needed using the password: "0123456789".
  • • © Copyright 2018 Prof. Mohammed Hawa
  • • Version 0.1: Development started February 2018
  • • Version 1.0: First release in April 29th, 2018

Emulation Kit

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iP2P OPNET model

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